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Why Datacosa?


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Datacosa helps you to turn raw data into actionable insights, create a data driven culture and make accurate decisions based on facts rather then gut feeling. We offer best analytics software with enthusiastic and customer centric support and consultancy to help you in every step of your data journey.

In today’s fast paced world, everyone in an organization is actually a data stakeholder. And to authorize everyone use the data they need gives organizations extra flexibility, delegation and joint decision making opportunities that lead to better, faster, dynamic decisions based on actual situation.  One of the main goals of Datacosa is to contribute to this process and make this transition easy and smooth as possible by providing best of class features for information dissemination.

Datacosa is a feature-rich, fully web based, end-to-end data analysis software that helps every step of data analysis to be smart, easy and fast. For your data analytics needs and beyond, Datacosa is more than enough. We are happy to provide a full featured freemium edition and free trials for you to test our claim.

Transformation to a data driven culture is a crucial yet hard task for every organization. Choosing the right tool to easethis process is a very important step that has great effect on the outcome to be obtained in return for the intense effort put in the process. We know thousand we have helped organizations of different sizes and different data goals to get the best results while staying in very reasonable budgets.

Presentation and Video Wall Mode


One of the highly admired features of Datacosa is the video wall mode. Especially in the production and other environments that data is needed to be displayed on giant screens for the group of people to monitor.  The video wall mode allows you to define the composition, order  and the duration of data visualizations that will be displayed on the giant screens used in the area, flexibly using an intuitive user interface. After defining, the scenario is applied to the visualizations and the scenario is played repeatedly on the giant screen.

Secure data agent


Cloud based data analytics tools have to solve one big problem to provide a single end to end solution. That is how to integrate legacy, local data with data that resides in the cloud in a fast, secure and easy way. Many organizations are working today in a hybrid manner where some data is generated and used in cloud environments and some other data still being in the servers in the local network. Easy integration of these two data environments is therefore a significant task for a data tool to provide a holistic view for analysis. Datacosa comes with a powerful, flexible and secure data agent to transfer data from local data stores easy and fast.

Once installed and configured in the local network, Datacosa treats the agent as a data store in the cloud so that the process stays exactly the same as defining any other data source. This agent pushes data to the cloud completely encrypted providing best security for data integration between local network and cloud.

Built in Multitenancy


Datacosa provides built in multi-tenancy support both for on premises and cloud deployments. This gives the opportunity to manage multiple companies, sub divisions or other independent sub entities that belongs to a larger organization easily and hassle free. Each tennant has its own completely reserved administration and this gives freedom to configure every tenant by its own including using different logos.

If you have independent sub entities in your organization, Datacosa can be your cost effective data analytics solution that provides a holistic management and single pane of glass view while isolating each entity for data security and management.

Link Sharing And Embedding


Link sharing in Datacosa is as easy as clicking a single button and copying the link for the selected visualization. The sharing can be made either for a chart, table or whole dashboard itself. This enables easy embedding of the analytics into third party software, intranet portals or websites by just easy copy and paste. Datacosa links can be defined as public link that link owner can see without a login or private link where users need to login to see the visual. The links also can have an expiration time so that users can access the visual in a limited time interval.

Datacosa uses token based authentication and this further enables analytics embedding by integrating the cellular level data security. Each user of the hosting application can view the data in the embedded visual by the data they have the privileges.

Dashboard Scheduling


It is valuable to any kind of data analytics tool to distribute knowledge to the teams like sales teams, on site support teams that especially work in the field and do not have time, equipment or other facilities to browse dashboards online.

Dashboard scheduling feature enables sending out dashboard as a whole or selected widgets to keep everyone on the same page. The cell level security is also effective in this process, sending the same dashboard with different data for each defined data access right.

SQL Data Source


We have seen that SQL experts usually find it boring and time consuming to define data models, data flows and then getting results from the analytics software. We have had many requests from SQL fans to define data sets by using SQL but without compromising the integration.  We have provided multi data source SQL feature that supports SQL data modeling and heterogenous data stores together.

Yes, you have heard right, single Ansi SQL supporting multiple data source join and SQL functions, to use directly as a data model for the dashboard. And Yes the cellular level security is effective even in this scenario without defining anything extra. Just SQL and your SQL skills. A fast lane to data analytics.

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