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Deploy Anywhere


Datacosa can be deployed wherever you need data analysis. Our premises, public or private cloud deployment options provide the scalability and flexibility to work with data anywhere you prefer.

We offer best prices in the market for on prmises and BYOL deployments. Please click here check out our current offer.

Make embedded analytics
your competitive advantage

Unleash the power of your data to transform the way you work,
enhance the customer experience, and grow your business

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Intuitive User Interface

Datacosa ...

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User Interface


Datacosa is built from scratch as a self service data analytics software. We proveide intuitive user experience even in complex data preperation and dashoard design scenarios.


 Drag and drop
data integration
With Datacosas’ data modeler drag and drop data integration ability, it’s easy to integrate different data sources with different technologies.
Easy and
Secure Sharing


Our data security model enables cell level security in the background, ensuring no one sees any unrelated or unauthorized data, while user share dashboards with a single click.

Use anywhere
on any device


Datacosa mobile app available on IOS and Android stores to deliver an amazing mobile data analysis experience beside responsive end-to-end web based design.

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Create stunning dashboards and share your insights effectively

Perhaps one of the most effective ways of information sharing is by using visual tools that effectively summarizes the detailed data.

From years of experience about information communication we know the direct correlation between the visual perfection and effectiveness of information sharing. For this reason we attached great importance to the "looks" while building Datalytics.

Make information available to everyone

One of the most important reasons we built Datacosa is to make information available to everyone in the organisation with respect to their data access rights.

We believe that data democratization is going to be a game changer in the business, where agile decision making and intelligent decision delegation is a crucial corner stone.

User Experience
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Easily connect with data
sources and other platforms...

Top companies infuse analytics with Datacosa

Customer success is part of our DNA, and we partner with you every step of the way to unlock extraordinary business value from our BI analytics capabilities. 

Volkswagen Turkey

For our data under Dogus Otomotiv we use a timeline model. This model makes resporting more complex.

Akdaş Döküm

Akdaş Döküm, who is top 5 firm in its sector in Europe, continues its production in an enclosed area of 70.000 m2